Her Holiness Mahamandaleshwar Gayatri Devi (Emy Blesio), Italy
International President: Women International Network (WIN)
President: Intenational Yog Confederation

Founder and President of The World Community of Indian Culture &Traditional Disciplines, of the C.U.I.D.Y. Italian Official Confederation of Yoga and of Suryanagara,Center of Yoga, Arts, Culture & Oriental Disciplines. Founder and Ambassador of European Yoga Federation, World Movement for Yoga & Ayurveda. Founder and Vice President of World Movement for Indian Fine Arts. Creator and Art Director of the Festival dell'India: L'Oriente incontra l'Occidente ("Indian Festival: East meets West").In 2007 she received the title of Pandit by The Indian Council of Natural Research, Bombay (Mumbai). In January 2008 Emy Blesio was elected President of the International Yog Confederation, New Delhi, India. She has more than 40 years of experience on Yoga, Indian mythology and philosophy. Creator of Varutha Kriya, she gives Yoga teachers training, courses, lectures and she organizes events worldwide.



(MahaMandaleshwar Yogacharini Pandit Gayatri Devi)

Emy Blesio
 – initiated as Gayatri Devi in Haridwar, North India, has an experience in research of more than 40 years. She lives inMilan, where runs her Yoga school: Suryanagara and she is the president of Yoga Confederation, Delhi, India


She was born in Brescia, Italy in 31 March 1947; and after her study on Fine arts,. She moves to Milan  in 1967 where she specialized in drawing and visual arts, living in the ancient theatre “Dal Verme”; in that period she created cartoon’s characters that have been published in many magazines.


In 1967 she begins to practice Oriental disciplines and meets the Master Yesudian philosophy, when he was in Losanna, Switzerland.


In 1970 she founds with a group of researchers a magazine called “Sintesi – Selezione dell’Arte (Synthesis – Art selection) where she was a responsible director and goes on with researches in the field of Yoga and as a free lance drafts-woman she works for various magazines. She collaborated in creating the posters for ski worldwide cup and fits out exhibitions paintings where she use her pictorial style.


Since 1972 she travelers to research, for exhibitions and to explore the origins of his interest in spirituality, to France,Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, England, Tunisie, Russia, India.   

She studies the basics of Christian-orthodox spirituality, Sophism, Bhuddhism, Zen, Sanatana Dharma (the hindu spirituality), and meets Masters as Muktananda ji, Swami Chidananda ji, Swami Satchidananda ji, Swami Satyananda ji, Amrit Desai, Gerard Blitz and she works with Jacques Haustrate and André Van Lisebeth etc. intensely practicing theYogadiscipline.

In 1986 born her daughter Surya. Emy retires for some times in an Ashram where she improves Yoga teaching. She also learns Chikitsa massage’s techniques from Kerala’s Kalari and improves Siddha Siddhanta Yoga. 
In the meantime, she founds C.Y.Surya and becomes the President. She organizes Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama lessons and 
starts with a new Yoga discipline for children – Lila Yoga – to give her 4 years old daughter, interested in Indian dance, the possibility to live her life with awareness, developing body, mind and soul.
 Also restarts painting to decorate the Hindu temple in the ashram.

At the end of 1988 she devoted herself intensively to spread the Indian culture.
Following her work, in addition to teaching yoga, and  a series of conferences, seminars, symposia, in various cities of Italy, not forgetting to continue her research, including the visual arts where he introduced Eastern culture in her works on canvas, sculptures suggesting the Hindu mythology, with its symbols and its themes: deep symbolism of the iconography of India, which is closely related to philosophy and science of Yoga.
Also organizes Indian dance and cultural performances by the greatest masters of India.
In 1996 she was awarded the name  Gayatri Devi by the Brahman Bharat Bhushan Mishra Bhumihara in the name of Maestro Pandit Sri Rama Sharma Acharya of Hardwar, Northern India, where she went with her daughter.

From 1992 Emy organizes stages and workshops in Indian dance with Indian teachers to permit her daughter Surya, very young but very interested in this art, to improve more and more.


Emy Blesio, after working on the science and the therapeutic value of the Yoga, specializes in Pranayama and begins to collect information on Varutha Kriya, a technique that allows to remove problems, to reinforce and protect oneself from tensions which come from the others.



Once again in Italy, in 1998, she promotes in Milan, the great Festival “Artisti per la Pace – Gandhi 50 anni dopo” (Artists for peace – Gandhi 50 years after) with more than 300 artists and spiritual personages that participate for free… and for love (painters, sculptors, singers, poets, actors).

In the same year she specializes in Ayurvedic massage and, after give her resignation from the Presidency of C.Y.Surya, she founds, with a Zen researcher a new International School of Yoga, Arts, Culture and Oriental Disciplines: Suryanagara (the City of the Sun ).

Suryanagara is a place where people from different ideas, culture and race, without any sort of intolerances, can meet culture and Oriental disciplines, in harmony with the aim of its founder: Emy Blesio, and this it can be seen from the texts displayed in the school: The four Vedas (Hindu), the Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh), the Hebrew Bible and the Christian one, the Koran, The Philocalia (Orthodox) and so on.
 Also this association, like the previous, takes the name of her daughter.


Then Emy restarts the collaboration with magazines, radio, TV (Canale 5, RAITRE, RAIUNO, RAI EDUCATION, Telelombardia, Millennium Channel, Seimilano, Antenna Tre, Telenova, LA7, Alle Falde del Kilimangiaro RAITRE, Uno mattina RAIUNO, Stella di Maurizio Costanzo  SkyUno etc.). She organize shows for Charity, Orphanages, Associations etc.), and in meanwhile for the Italians and Indians Official Bodies, as expert in Yoga, philosophy and Indian culture.

In 2000 she founds the mo
nthly magazine Kendra – an important tool for Yoga practicing – and has published three books: “Surya Namaskara Samkranti”, “Il Gatto” (The cat), “La luce azzurra” (The Blue light) and so on.


In April 2002 Emy created “The Indian festival: East meets West” in Assago (Milano), an important event organized with the support of India General Consulate, Milano, Indian Tourist Office, Local, Provincial and Regional Italian Government, and with sponsors as ATM (the transport enterprise of Milan), Corriere della Sera – ViviMilano (the main daily paper in Italy). This event, propose culture, arts, Yoga,handcraft, food etc. The only one event never been organized in Europa, till now. This first edition had more than 20.000 visitors.

This event is repeated for 4 years and had for each year from 20,000 to 35,000 audience (not counting children, who have disabilities and the holders of free entries). For the first time in Italy you can see all the seven Indian classical dance with artists from India. And for the first time in Italy is proposing a symposium dedicated to the spirituality, "Rays of a Unique Light", and Congress of Yoga with conference speakers and Indology Italian and Indian.
hen the event will be repeated every year.

Spring 2003 – 2nd  Edition of the Indian festival in Milan: Emy Blesio, creator and art director shows her paintings on Indian mythology. A section is reserved for a National Congress of Yoga. Lecturers speech about Sanskrit, Vimanika Shastra, Jyotisha, Yoga, Ayurveda, etc.

For the first time played in Italy, a dance drama in Bharata Natyam style.

And… for the first time too in Italy Emy propose all seven Indian classical dances together (Bharata Natyam, Kathakali, Mohini Attam, Odissi, Manipuri, Kuchipudi, Kathak). The festival ends with the festival of Holi (a kind of carnival of India) that is enjoying great success in this Indian Community.
Great importance is the Yoga Conference and the Symposium spirituality in addition to experts in Ayurveda.

2004 - 3rd. Edition of Indian Festival: 57 artists from India, play Classic and Folk dance. The festival has a very high artistic and cultural level. For this edition, the conference becomes Congress Yoga and Ayurveda with lectures by experts in Oriental arts (yoga, ayurveda, holistic techniques, spirituality, Vedic astrology, etc..), The Symposium collected  not less than 9 spiritual lines.
Lecturers and expert in oriental disciplines held workshops too. Four dance drama are played (choreography by P.T. Narendran and Bijoy Shivram, both partners of Surya, with the collaboration of the MaruthiKalari from Trivandrum and the performers of Mallakamb Yoga from Mumbai). These innovations have got a lot of success.


2005 – 4th. Edition of Indian Festival: Emy Blesio, on the reason of the success of the lectures and workshops, hosts in the Indian Festival the first Yoga World Conference inItaly.

With 108 speakers, guru, scientists; 380 artists; 30 films and documentaries –some unpublished- by the famous director Mira Nair and two musicals from 37 to 130 artists each. One west-east fusion “Raja di Shambala” by Mudra dance School and the Indian one “Sundari: l’incanto della rosa nera” Story by Emy Blesio and Choreographies by P.T.Narendran and Surya.


The same Spring 2005, Emy Blesio founds with other researchers, E.Y.F. – European Yoga Federation and C.U.I.D.Y. – Italian Official Confederation for Yoga which promote an International Yoga Teachers Training course.

These Institutions organize in autumn the First European Yoga Federation Congress in Bucharest, Rumania with a great success.

Just after that, the resolute separation from I.Y.F., permits Emy and other researchers to found two no profit Movements to spread out Indian science, philosophy, art and culture with purity and authenticity: World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda –World Movement for Indian Fine Arts. Two movements created to make to know the India of the values.


And… finally, in 2006 Emy, more than pursuing her activity in various schools, she is supporting, with her full staff of The World Community of Indian Culture & Traditional Disciplines, and the World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda:

The 2nd European Yoga Congress of E.Y.F. European Yoga Federation

The 1st. Ayurveda University Congress of World M.Y.A. World Movement Yoga and Ayurveda

And the 1st. Indian Dance, Music and Song Congress of World M.I.F.A. World Movement Indian Fine Arts.  and establishing a prize for anyone who stands in the field of culture, spirituality, science, social activities and artistic expression: the 'Orange Omkara "alreadconferred   in Italy to the dr. Enzo Biagi, On. prof. Rita Levi Montalcini (Nobel prize), dr. Gino Strada and Teresa Sarti founders of Emergency and. .. Governor, the Chief Minister, the Mayor and other important figures of Jammu & Kashmir for their work of spreading the culture in spite of the difficult times facing the country, the Mayor of Salamanca, Spain, and Santarem, Portugal for his interest Culture  organized by the Congress and to support our movement worldwide etc.

On October 10, 2006 Emy Blesio is awarded the title of Pandit 4th. Edition of Indian Festival: Emy Blesio, on the reason of the success of the lectures and workshops, hosts in the Indian Festival the first Yoga World Conference in Italy.(honor for who stands in the field of culture of peace and unity) conferred by the Indian Council of Cultural & Natural Medicine Research in Bombay (Mumbai), India.


December 2008 Emy Blesio is conferred the honour of important title of Mahamandaleshwar


May 2009: Emy proposes the 5th. Edition of Indian Festival that will take seat in Sesto San Giovanni. This 5th edition contains the 7th International Congress Yoga & Ayurveda and the 1st  Symposium of the spirituality “Ray of a Unique Light” with a special and successful formula as a Talk Show with debate. A huge public decreed a very successful to the initiative.

 And in October 2009 another great Festival of India, 6th edition that contains the 8th International Congress Yoga &Ayurveda and the 2nd  Symposium of the spirituality “Ray of a Unique Light” take place in Grugliasco, Torino, Italy, with a very huge success, emotion and love. She will replicate the success of the Festival of India with all its contents. An issue dedicated to Gandhi and Peace in the World Day of Nonviolence. The massive participation of speakers, yogis, gurus, artists, doctors and experts in consolidating this event as an event of great success.

The 25-19 March 2010 Emy Blesio replica Festival at Carrara, which takes its name Mitica India Festival, and was a surprising success in so little city in the center of Italy.

On September 12, 2010 in Delhi, the Darshan Smriti, Emy Blesio is honored of the "Simplicity Feroz Gandhi Award 2010" in front of the memorial to Gandhiji with a prize already awarded in the past to eminent personalities as  Sonia Gandhi.

On October 28, 2010, in collaboration with Indian institutions, she organize an interesting event in Bhopal: The Patanjali Week Celebration, a week of celebration where will offer classes, lectures, demonstrations by teachers, gurus, performers. Many dignitaries attend the event.

25 November, 2010, during National Women Excellence Award 2010 Emy Blesio, International President in Teen Murti  Bhawan, Auditorium giving awards along with National President, Smt Laxmi Thakur Singhal and Advisor , Shri Vijay Tiwari Ji.

Saturday, 5th March, 2011 at 8:30 PM, in Milan, Italy
, at the House of World Cultures, the UPF-Universal Peace Federation in the International Women's Day organized by the ONU, gives to Emy Blesio President of The World Community of Indian Culture & Traditional Disciplines the title of Ambassadors for Peace on the motivation: for her many initiatives in promoting peace and reconciliation, and her constant passion in doing so. 


Emy Blesio run Yoga teachers training courses, and Pranayama, Varutha Kriya, Kendra Laya, Lila Yoga, Sandhya Yoga, Meditation etc. in Suryanagara School in Milan, Italy and gives lectures, stages, workshops and conferences in all over the world. Yoga-Teachers Training Courses in Italy and abroad  certified by  CUIDY and  the International Yog Confederation of Delhi

Emy Blesio (Gayatri Devi) with the great writer  Enzo Biagi and the BharataNatyam dancer Surya

Yogacharini Pandit Emy Blesio (Gayatri Devi) in the Mayor hall of  Salamanca Spain, during the ceremony of the bestowing of  the  "Orange Omkara” Award to the Mayor

Yogacharini Pandit Emy Blesio (Gayatri Devi)
President of the:
International Yog Confederation, Delhi, India
The World Community of Indian Culture & Traditional Disciplines
 WORLD.M.I.F.A.World Movement Indian Fine Arts
Suryanagara, International Yoga school 
Creator & Art Director of the:
Great Indian Festival: East meets West - Forum Assago, Milan, Italy 
Ambassador of:
World.M.Y.A. World Movement Yoga & Ayurveda


Via Teramo 5 - 20142 Milano - Italy
Ph. + 39 02 89150917  
mobile + 39 338 3116126 
info @








Prof. Priya Ranjan Trivedi

Patron: Women International Network (WIN)
Pro Chancellor and Plenipotentiary
The Global Open University Nagaland 

Brief About

Prof. Priya Ranjan Trivedi
President, World Institution Building Programme
A 15, Paryavaran Complex, South of Saket
New Delhi - 110030
Tel. : +91-11-29535079, 29535081, 29535484
Mobile : +91-9810162127, E.mail :

Professor Priya Ranjan Trivedi, the world renowned environmental scientist, institution builder and management thinker has established many institutions in India and in other countries and has helped many governments in the establishment of universities, colleges and schools for teaching and research of disaster mitigation and management, environment, human rights, peace studies, sustainable development, ecological tourism, rural as well urban entrepreneurship.

He has received many national as well as international award including Fountain of Universal Peace Award of United States of America's IAEWP - Affiliated to ECOSOC of the United Nations signed by Dr. Joachim Schuster, Secretary General, World Peace Academy's Mahatma Gandhi International Award from Alabama, USA signed by the President Dr. Charles Mercieca, Academie Europeenne Des Arts, Paris Special Diplome "Ad Honores" signed by the President M. Mourice GIBERT, World Distance Learning Virtual University Administration Award from Comision De Educacion A Distancia, Madrid signed by the President, Dr. Alfonso Roldan More, Spanish Environmental Health Award of FESAMA, The Spanish Association Professionals in Occupational Health and Environment signed by the President Dr. F. Dessart, International Environmental Law Academician Award of Institut Des Affaires Internationales, Paris, Conseil Academique Award of Universite Libre Des Sciences De L'homme De Paris, UN News Award signed by the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Lee Jon Young, Best Environmentalist Award of the International Scientific Academy of Life Universe and Nature, Toulouse, France, Alliance Universelle Pour La Paix Par La Connaissance (AUPAC) Global Award on Peace, Mercy and Tolerance Cosponsored by Association Internationale des Educateurs pour la Paix Mondiale (AIEPM), Brussels.

He has written the following books :
01. Agenda for Sustainable Development
02. Future Global Sustainable Development
03. Bio-diversity Conservation & Management
04. Bio-technology for Bio-diversity Conservation
05. Global Energy Resources and Requirements
06. Energy Policy, Efficiency and Management
07. Human Settlements and Global Change
08. Urban and Rural Settlements
09. Population Pressure, Advocacy and Poverty
10. Population, Environment & Development
11. Population Explosion and Poverty
12. Population Development Vs. Environment
13. Green and Environmental Movements
14. Global Green and Environmental Groups
15. Green Philosophy and Political Ecology
16. Eco-Philosophy and Environmentalism
17. National - Global Perspectives to Environment
18. The Earth Summit
19. Global Environmental Facility
20. Deforestation and Land Degradation
21. Desertification, Drought and Water
22. Global Climate Change
23. International Politics & Climate Change
24. Climate Changes and Sea Level Rise
25. Global Impacts of Sea Level Rise
26. Global Warming and Green House Effect
27. Global Warming - International Cooperation
28. National and Global Efforts for Saving Ozone
29. Ozone Protocols and Future Diplomacy
30. Island Development
31. Island Development & Marine Environment
32. Protected Areas and National Parts
33. Nature and Fragile Eco-system Protection
34. Wildlife and Forest Conservation
35. Endangered Flora and Fauna
36. Global and National Wilderness
37. Wilderness Management
38. Marine Environment and Pollution Control
39. Marine Environmental & Ocean Resources
40. Greenhouse Effect and Global Climate
41. Air Pollution, Acid Rain & Ozone Depletion
42. Perspectives on Global Warming
43. Toxic & Hazardous Waste Management
44. Toxic and Hazardous Waste - Risk & Trade
45. Nuclear Power : Achievements & Prospects
46. Nuclear Wastes, Tests and Nuclear Winter
47. Contemporary Natural Manmade Disasters
48. Risk Assessment and Disaster Management
49. Floods, Dambursts and Groundwater Hazards
50. Coastal and Marine Environment Pollution
51. UN Convention on the Law of the Seas
52. Earthquake and Volcanic Eruptions
53. Land Degradation, Land Slides and Rockfalls
54. Droughts, Famines and Desertification
55. Biodiversity Extinction and Deforestation
56. Biotechnology and Genetic Manipulation
57. Floods, Tropical Cyclones, Storms & Hurricanes
58. Technological Disasters
59. Mining Disasters
60. War, Chemicals and Environment
61. Introduction to Ecology and Environment
62. State of India's Environment
63. Global Environmental Issues
64. Environmental Education
65. Population and Community Ecology
66. Natural Resources Conservation
67. Environmental Protection and Law
68. Environmental Impact Assessment
69. Pollution Monitoring and Control
70. Research Methodology and Systems Analysis
71. Air Pollution
72 Water Pollution
73. Noise Pollution
74. Agricultural Pollution
75. Nuclear and Thermal Pollution
76. Marine Pollution
77. Solid Waste Management
78. Energy Resources
79. Environmental Procedure
80. Environmental Analysis
81. Basic International Environment Laws
82. International Laws on Forests
83. International Laws on Wildlife
84. International Laws on Land and Fresh Water
85. International Laws on Marine Water - Vol. I
86. International Laws on Marine Water - Vol. II
87. International Laws on Air Pollution
88. International Laws on Nuclear Pollution
89. International Laws on Toxic/Hazardous Chem.
90. International Laws on Global Commons
91. Cleaner Delhi - Cleaner India
92. The Man India Needs
(Biography of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee)

And many books in Hindi Languages too.

Prof. Trivedi has visited USA, UK, Holland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia, Tunisia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Korea, Maldives, Mauritius, Uganda in connection with signing of MoUs with Universities and the respective Governments. He has organised international conferences on environment, alternative and complementary medicine, eco-philosophy, world peace and sustainability in many countries of the world.

Prof. Trivedi is the President of the World Institution Building Programme (WIBP), the Chairman of the Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment (IIEE) and the Indian Institute of Human Rights (IIHR). He is currently busy in helping the Central Government besides the State Governments of Nagaland, Jammu & Kashmir, Haryana, Sikkim, Uttaranchal, Arunachal Pradesh, Jharkhand and Meghalaya for the establishment of Vocational Universities in these States through special enactments of the State Legislatures for solving the problem of unemployment.

Prof. Trivedi holds Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral qualifications in Engineering, Management, Human Rights and Environmental Laws. The three Encyclopaedias authored by him on Environment (30 Volumes), Disaster Management (20 Volumes) and Sustainable Development (50 Volumes) are used by all the important libraries of the world.

Prof. Trivedi has designed a Masterplan Paradigm for reducing unemployment by introducing vocational education in all the Schools and Colleges throughout the world in general and India in particular.


Late Dr. M. L. Dewan

Patron: Women International Network (WIN)

Chairman Trustee, Himalaya Consortium for Himalayan Conservation (HIMCON)

President, Global Warming Reduction Centre (GWRC)

Padamshree DevayaniCharter Member Rotary Club Delhi South Metropolitan

Retd. Chief FAO of UN Reginal Bureo for Asia and Pacific


Padamshree Santosh Yadav

Santosh Yadav is an Indian mountaineer. She is the first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest twice in less than a year and the first woman to successfully climb Mt Everest from Kangshung Face.She first climbed the peak in May 1992 and then did it again in May 1993.At barely twenty years of age, Santosh Yadav scaled Mt. Everest, becoming the youngest woman in the world to achieve this feat (In the 1992 Everest Mission). Within twelve months, she became a member of an Indo- Nepalese Women's expedition, and scaled the Everest the second time, thus setting the record as the only woman to have scaled the Everest Twice. She was conferred the Padma Shri award in 2000. She was part of the nine-nation international climbing camp-cum-expedition to Nun Kun in 1989.

Patron: Women International Network (WIN)


Shri. Vikam Dutt

Patron: Women International Network (WIN)

Jury Member


Padamshree Devayani

Patron: Women International Network (WIN)


Member Advisory Board, WIN

Mr. Vijay Tiwari Ji 
National Coordinator- RBH
Ministry of Panchayati Raj
Government of India

General Secretary , Yog Confederation of India 
Secretary General, International Yog Confederation 
Director, A.V.K. Consultants Pvt.Ltd.


Shri Manish Kumar Shekhar
Advisory Board Member, WIN
President, Khadi & Village Industries Development Agency of India

Professor Dr. Vimala Veeraraghavan
Advisory Board Member, WIN

Academic  Qualifications:  (In reverse chronological order)

Ph.D. (Psychology)   from, Delhi University
M.A. (Psychology)   1st division 1st in the university, Delhi University (Gold Medalist)
M.A.(Social Work)  1st division, 2nd in the University, Delhi University

Awards Received: 
1. ICSSR Teacher fellowship award for SS Research
 2. ICPR  National fellowship award educational research
 3. ICMR fellowship for drug abuse research         
 4. The Asiatic Society Award for 2012 for  contributions to psychology

Work Experience  

Has 40 years of teaching, administrative  and research experience in the field social sciences, which includes education, psychology, educational psychology, clinical psychology, mental health, forensic science and forensic psychology and related subjects in central universities like Delhi university and Jawaharlal Nehru University and the only private university Amity University.

Positions held in reverse chronological order:

1. Presently Occupying the position of Chair of Sarvepalli Dr. Radhakrishnan  at the Global Open University, Nagaland.
2. Former Emeritus Professor, Psychology, Indira Gandhi National Open University,
New Delhi.(2010-2013)
3. Professor and Director School of Psychology, Global Open University, Nagaland

4. Professor of Psychology and Director General Amity   Institute of Behavioural Health and Allied Sciences, Amity University Uttar Pradesh.
Established the psychology and forensic science programmes at post graduate, M.Phil (Cl.psy) RCI recognized  and  doctorate levels at this university.  (2002-2008)

5. Served as  Professor and Head , Department of Applied Psychology University of Delhi South Campus, New Delhi.  (1990-2002)

Served as Professor and Head, Dept. of Psychology, Delhi University  

6. Associate Professor , Zakir Hussain Center for Educational Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (1980-1990)

7. Worked as Lecturer / Sr. Lecturer at the Department of Social Work, Delhi University, (1970-1980)
Continues to be consultant as both educationist and clinical psychologist
Possess RCI license to practice

Chairman and Executive Trustee - NGO 
Venkatesh Trust for Education and Excellence, New Delhi

Publications:    BOOKS

1.Handbook of Forensic Psychology, Select Scientific Publishers, New Delhi (2008) 
(edited book)
2.Behaviour disorders in adolescents and Children, Northern Book Centre, New Delhi (2007)
3. Handbook of Forensic Science   Select Scientific Publishers New Delhi   (2004)  
(edited book)
4. Readings in HIV / AIDS. Mosaic Publishers, New Delhi (2003)
5.  Quality of Life: Certain psychological perspectives, Krishna Publishers (2002)
6.  Child In the New Millennium Mosaic Publisher, New Delhi (edited book)  (2001)
7. Rape and Victims of Rape, Northern Book Center, New Delhi  (1999)
8. Treatment of Anxiety disorders, Sage Publications, New Delhi (1998) 
9. Organisational climate in schools and School effectiveness, Blaze Publishing Co., New Delhi.  (1997)
10. Drug abuse amongst Working Children Northern Book Center, New Delhi (1993)
11. Teenage Blues, Mosaic Publishers, New Delhi  (1996)
12. Drug abuse amongst students, ICMR (1994)
13.  Readings in  Behavioural Medicine, Phonix publishers  (1992)  
14. Suicides and Attempted suicides Northern Book Center  (1982)
15.  A Textbook of Psychotherapy Sterling Publishers, New Delhi  (1980)
16. Text Book of Abnormal and Clinical Psychology- In press.

Publications: Chapters In Books

Methods in Social Work in the Indian context;  In T.N.Chaturdevi (Ed), Social Administration, Development and Change. IIPA, New Delhi  1980

Analysis of childhood disorders appeared in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry during a period of 20 years.  In M.V. Singh (Ed). The Disadvantaged Child,  CGC, Delhi  1980

Drug abuse among university students. In D.Mohan, H.S.Sethi & E.Tongue (Eds). Current Research In Drug Abuse in India. Mittal Publications, New Delhi  1981

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In  The Asia Pacific Business Journal, Special Volume, January 2009.

Labmanual in forensic science.  In. R.K.Gorea (ed). Laboratory Manual for Forensic Medicine post graduate and graduate students, Patiala 2009 .

Publications:  Articles
Journal articles:  More than 65 articles in national and indexed journals

Journal related issues

Editor in Chief: Behavioural Medicine Journal, 
Editor in Chief   Amity Journal of Behavioural and Forensic Science
Chairman and Editorial Board, Amity Journal of Behavioural and Forensic Science
Member editorial board: 
Asia Pacific journal  of Business Review 
Behavioural Medicine Journal 

Book Reviews 5.  1 in International Journal, “Anxiety, Stress and Coping”  March, 2009  and 4 in National journals.

Articles published in Indexed journals : More than 65 articles.

Psychological Tests Published so far

1. Family Pathology Scale  National  Psychological Corporation, Agra
2. Problem Check List for children National Psychological Corporation, Agra
3. Psychopathic personality test, Psycom Center, Delhi
4. Risk taking test, Psycom Center, Delhi

Serves  as expert consultant to various national level bodies in government and private organsations.

Teaching and Training Experience 40 years
Administrative experience: 37 years
Research Experience  40 years 

Focus:  Social and psychological problems; Mental health including childhood disorders, community, social, women, girl child and health problems,drug abuse and addiction in  society, Psychological treatment techniques, Educational psychology.

Research projects undertaken and completed 
(Funded by different governmental agencies)

  • A study of Psychological and Social factors in Neuroses.  Sponsored by Indian Council of Social Sciences Research.  1972-74 
  • Drug abuse amongst university students  Sponsored by Delhi University, 1973
  • Suicides and Attempted Suicides In Delhi, Sponsored by Ministry of Welfare, Govt. of India, 1976-78 
  • A Study of Rape and Victims of Rape Sponsored by the Dept of Women and Child, Ministry of HRD, Govt of India
  • Drug Abuse in  India Sponsored by Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi 
  • Study of drug abuse, drug users and drug prevention services in Delhi, Sponsored by the Ministry of Welfarte Govt. of India 1982-84
  • Evaluation of ICDS Projects, Sponsored by National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development, Govt. of India, New Delhi 1985 
  • Attitude towards Female Children, Sponsored by the Dept of Women and Child, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India New Delhi  1989-1990
  • An Assessment of Drug use, abuse, and prevention services in the Union Territory of Delhi, Ministry of Welfare,1990-1992 
  • A Study of dependence proneness amongst NGOs on grant giving agencies.  Sponsored by the Dept of Women and Child, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India New Delhi 1996
  • A Study of drug use and abuse among working children, Sponsored by the Ministry of Welfare, Govt. of India New Delhi  1997-1998 
  • A study oif therapeutic intervention in Epileptic patients Sponsored by the University of Delhi1996-1997
  • A comparative study of socio psychological causative and relationship factors amongst marital discord and well adjusted couples.  Financial assistance from the DSA programme of the UGC 
  • Hypertensuion L  A comparison  of different treatment conditions.Sponsored by the University Grants Commission, 1997-1999
  • A study of teaching intervention strategies and their effect on the academic achievement of school going children.  Sponsored by the National Council of Educational Research and Training, New Delhi,1999-2000 
  • Familial factors in Schizophrenia and Impact of CBT intervention, Sponsored by UGC, 2001-2003
  • A study of the Status of Police Families in UP.  Sponsored by Bureau of Police Research and Development  2007-2008 
  • Value Education:  Materials and Methods, Sponsored by Indian Council of Philosophical Research, Sponsored by Indian Council of Philosophical Research, 2004-2005
  • Completed and submitted a research project on sustainable development for UNEP, 2009 
  • Presently coordinator appointed by BPRD (Min. Of Home Affairs) for a research project entitled,"Performance appraisal of Police personnel in the extremist and non extremist areas in India"

No, of students guided for Ph.D. and awarded degree:16
No. of students guided for M.Phi and awarded degree:  22
Experience administration and in Clinical practice: 30 years.

Foreign assignments
Visiting professor to Thammassat University, Bangkok, Thailand

Visiting faculty in Bergen-Norway, UK, USA, Malaysia, Iran and delivered invited lectures

Attended as well as presented papers, chaired sessions in many national and international conferences.

Organised many national and international conferences on social issues, women issues and children related issues  amounting to one almost every year for the last 20 years.

The last international conference organized by me was SAFCON 2008 International conference on Forenswic science, Forensic Medicine and forensic Psychology in 11th  October, 2008.

Attended by invitation to present research report on Sustainable Development
At Daejeon, Korea,  A UNEP Global Conference 17-24th August, 2009.

Delivered invited special lecture  on  violence in families , At Bangkok, Thailand, 17th -20th July, 2011 organised by SERFAC International   

Board of Directors


Ms. Rekha Udit

Mrs Rekha Tiwari holds a Doctorate in Education, M Phil in Sustainable Development, Masters degree in Ecology and environment, a Masters degree in Education, Bachelors degree in Botony (Hons), along with a Bachelors degree in Education. An accomplished administrator, she is the founder of “JAGRITI” , a free education program of informal teaching for the children of underprivileged section of society. She has also laid the stone of Albert Einstein School For Non Formal Education (AESNFE) and many such non formal educational programmes for children below poverty line.Well versed with languages, she has initiated a number of women empowerment related campaigns in the country.Dedicated towards the society and preferably women masses she is working day and night for the betterment of women in society, fighting against the violence against women, illetracy among women masses, and for the right of women globally all over the world. In recognition of her efforts and her contribution she has been awarded the prestigious

"YOUTH ACTIVISM AWARD “ on 11 of July 2007.


"WOMEN ON THE TOP AWARD" 2009 in New Delhi .





H.H. Mahamandaleshwar Laxmi Devi Ji

(Laxmi Thakur Singhal)

New Delhi -INDIA

Secretary of Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee, Indian Public Relations of World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda, Coordinator (Delhi State) of Yog Confederation of India, President Delhi State of World Religious Parliament, Director AVK Consultants Pvt. Ltd, Indian Public Relations of The World Community of I.C.&T.D.


Mrs Shubha Tiwari 
(New Delhi)

Mrs Shubha Tiwari holds a Masters degree in Sociology, along with a Bachelors degree in Sociology. An accomplished administrator, she was the member  of founder team of “JAGRITI” , a free education program of informal teaching for the children of underprivileged section of society. She is dedicated towards the  field of music and art. Social activist who has been member of the working committee for  number of women empowerment related campaigns in the country. 


Manuela Gonzalez Antoraz

(Co-ordinator for Spain)



Ms. Parul Tiwari

Parul Tewari holds an undergraduate degree of Bachelor of Engineering from Pune University, has been in the Information Technology field for last eight years, and lives in California, USA.Having worked for employers like Tata Consultancy Services and Versant she has vast industry experience in Computer software design, development as well as systems analysis and system integration. Presently she works as a Business Consultant for netPolarity Inc in San Jose, California.


Tiziana Stapel 

(Ayurvedic Practitioner)

Heading Women Organisations in The Netherlands (Holland) / Benelux (Belgium - Holland - Luxemburg). Associated with the World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda


Dr. (Ms.) Fay A. C. De Jonge
(The Netherlands)

Ms. Giusi Ledda
Coordinator: Italy


Ms. Istar D Adler
(United Kingdom)


Ms. Cosy Back


Ms. Carlotta Bruco


Ms. Sita M. Giri


Ms. Vera Lucia

 Counselling Committee Members

 Shri Shushil Kumar Shukla, Director Women Empowerment Cell and Youth Empowerment Cell
Shri Ram Dhir Tiwari
Head, Rural Development Cell for entire India 
 Smt Nagendra Rishi, Marketing Head and Corporate Communications  Col K RGupta, Youth Empowerment and Spiritual Awareness Cell
 Dr D K Dhusia, Academic Counsellor for WIN  (Jamia Millia Islamia University)   Smt Gayatri Raghu,Corporate Communications entire India for WIN
 Kumar Saurabh, Director Youth Empowerment Cell Col Satya Yadav, Director Youth Empowerment Cell
 Shri Uma Kant Pandey, Director Rural Empowerment Cell, Faizabad   Shri Shankar Dayal Pandey, Director Rural Empowerment Cell, Faizabad
 Shri K K J ha, Head -Oriental Medicine Awareness Cell  Smt Mamta Gauda, Director Cultural Promotion Cell

Brand Ambassadors  


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