What does Women International Network do?

WIN has identified a range of priority issues which include isolation, health, education, lack of services, family and broader community issues. WIN works with other agencies and groups to stimulate action to address these issues. WIN also works with rural women and their children - enhancing their skills, knowledge and confidence and their access to information and support, so they too can stimulate action and address these issues.

On a regular basis it:

  • Works with rural women and their families

  • Provides information and referrals

  • Consults on important issues

  • Addresses concerns and needs

  • Develops projects with other agencies

  • Promotes the participation of women

  • Builds communication networks

  • Advises on policy

  • Educating children from families who are below poverty line

  • Helps in building eco-clubs, medicinal gardens, herbal gardens etc.

  • Promotes distribution of educative greeting cards with messages such as SAVEEARTH, SAVE GANGA, SAVE GIRL CHILD, PROTECT OUR MOTHER EARTH FROMGLOBAL WARMING etc.

  • Promotes Women Empowerment Programmes by assisting the Self Help Groups with proper guidance about various fields

    • Preparing handkerchiefs on large scale

    • Preparing table napkins on large scale

    • Preparing napkins for restaurants and hotels

    • Preparing baby products such as jhablas, napkins, carrier cloths etc.

    • Preparing jute bags, paper bags, paper envelopes etc.

Tours and Travel Exclusively for Women

WIN also offers an exclusive tours and travel for women all over India by arranging charitable trips for women by collaborating with Travel companies.For more details please email your queries at or

Projects and activities

A large portion of WIN time is spent on specific projects and activities. Many of these projects are developed and coordinated in partnerships with other agencies, organisation and community groups. Projects include:

Dream Come True (DCT)

Dream Come True celebrates and recognises women who are playing key roles as innovators, achievers and/or agents of change within agriculture, industry, business, community, sport, the arts and natural resources, by sharing their stories and providing a opportunity for networking and informal mentoring.

Futures Together (FT)

Futures Together is a leadership course for women. The workshops has been developed in response to rural as well as urban women asking for relevant, accessible and affordable, community-based leadership training. The workshop, which is designed to engage energise new and existing rural women leaders, builds on women's self-esteem/confidence, goal setting, personal action planning skills, and support networks. 

Women's Award (WA)

The WA Rural Women’s Award recognises and encourages the vital contribution women make to rural world and supports women with a strong and positive vision for the future of agriculture and natural resource management.

The Effective Company Director

A joint initiative of the WIN and AESFNE Management and Leadership, this high level course provided comprehensive, nationally accredited training designed to provide a clearer insight into the roles and responsibilities of being on a board. The initiative has been developed in response to requests from women and men unable to source such high-level training.

Aged Women

Aged Women is an exciting and innovative project using the internet as a way of promoting wellness to older women living in urban, rural and remote areas. 

Women International Network believes that the art of networking is finding and representing the commonalities we share, while at the same time affirming, valuing and giving voice to our differences as organisations and individuals within them.  It exists to safeguard the autonomy and rights of community women’s groups as centres of local democracy and agents of democratic debate.

Women International Network is not only accessible to its constituency but also directed by it. It seeks to encourage and advance the full participation of it’s membership and in particular those groups of women who are marginalised or unheard within our society.

Overcoming Barriers to Success

WIN provides professional case management services for women who need assistance to overcome personal obstacles to successful employment. Licensed case managers work individually with each woman to help her resolve barriers to her economic stability such as challenges with housing, domestic abuse, child care, transportation, health care, divorce, legal issues, etc.


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