Volunteers do in fact strengthen NGO accountability by opening up a unique space of exchange and observation within NGOs. However, the manner in which WIN engages volunteers greatly impacts the possibilities for volunteers to strengthen WIN’s accountability.  

Often, people volunteer to fulfill a desire for self-actualization, to satisfy a sense of responsibility, social need, or to gain new skills and knowledge. Interestingly, these motivations resonates with  youngsters  who present their experiences as a volunteer working in Women International Network (WIN).

It was subsequently suggested that WIN volunteer management should reflect an understanding of volunteer motivations, particularly with respect to the recruitment, empowerment, engagement and recognition of volunteers. It was rightly pointed out that volunteers are often times the public face of NGOs, and thus key to promoting an organization’s reputation. WIN is always therefore  accountable to their volunteers.

Empowering volunteers emerged as a recurring theme of WIN’s motto. We emphasize the importance of transparency of our network with our volunteers. We provide volunteers with emotional, technical and sometimes even minimal financial support.  Meaningful engagement and supervision of volunteers is also identified as critical.  Lastly, recognizing volunteers was considered a way to thank volunteers but also to strengthen the relationship between us and our volunteers.

 We are looking for people who are passionate about social work and community development. Our volunteers are characterized by their diversity of nationalities, religious groups, and racial and ethnic backgrounds. The average age of our volunteers is between 18 and 30 years old. We also manage special programs -- for retired professional people and philanthropists who are interested in donating their time and capabilities. Our volunteers typically have some experience in social work, administrative work or work in development programs, though this background is not essential. Volunteers speak/understand English, Hindi and many other languages fluently if certified. Volunteers typically are studying for or already have a university degree. University students, companies, churches, charitable organizations or foundations, friends or families are all welcome to join our group programs.Volunteers will learn and utilize skills focused on environmental, economic and socio-cultural development which might include project design, strategic planning, targeted innovation, planning for sustainability, viability analysis, alliance mediation, fundraising and productive processes. Each of these are key capacities for today's leaders of social change. Anyone 16 and over who is passionate about social change can become a volunteer!



 We invite all age groups to come forward, contact us and volunteer their services and help us to reach our goals.

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