Job Oppurtunities


Corporates can collaborate with us in offering jobs to our students who have successfully completed their diploma / under graduation /post graduation or doctorates from our associate universities.Working with people will help create

New internship program, where you can collaborate with us in a field that interests you and help students gain practical experience with your establishments.While helping youngsters you will be having an unforgettable experience!of helping the helpless people of our society as many of our students belong to under priveleged section of our society.

Become a change setter by offering an opportunity to participate in our social upliftment project.

Your skills, expertise and knowledge will be transferred to our children along with your capacity to adapt, understand and contribute to a new society, one project at a time. Set foot in this diverse land and get a first-hand look at the complex challenges facing World today. This life changing experience will give you a 360* view of the past, present and future of a wide range of social dynamics taking place in the World.

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