26 January   Republic Day Celebrations 2013
4 February   World Cancer Day [WHO]-Awareness camps at Faizabad ,Uttar Pradesh
8 February   Talk on Empowering rural women by educating them and connecting them to National Community College of India , an initiative of The Global Open University, Nagaland {Rural Women’s welfare’s initiative of Women International Network (WIN)}
20 February   World Day of Social Justice
21 February   International Mother Language Day [UNESCO]
8 March   International Women's Day
20 March   International Day of Happiness
21 March    World Poetry Day , International Day of Forests and the Tree
22 March   World Water Day
24 March   World Tuberculosis Day
2 April   World Autism Awareness Day
7 April   World Health Day [WHO]
22 April   International Mother Earth Day
23 April   World Book and Copyright Day [UNESCO]
25 April   World Malaria Day [WHO]
30 April   International Jazz Day
3 May   World Press Freedom Day
12-13 May   World Migratory Bird Day [UNEP]
22 May    International Day for Biological Diversity
31 May   World No-Tobacco Day [WHO]
1 June   Global Day of Parents
5 June   World Environment Day
12 June   World Day Against Child Lab our  [ILO]
14 June   World Blood Donor Day [WHO]
15 June   World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
23 June   International Widow’s Day
7 July   International Day of Cooperatives
11 July   World Population Day
18 July   Nelson Mandela International Day
28 July   World Hepatitis Day [WHO]
30 July   International Day of Friendship
9 August   International Day of the World's Indigenous People
12 August   International Youth Day
15August   Independence Day Celebrations
19 August   World Humanitarian Day
5 September   International Day of Charity
8 September   International Literacy Day [UNESCO]
21 September   International Day of Peace
27 September   World Tourism Day [UNWTO]
29 September   World Heart Day [WHO]
2 October   International Day of Non-Violence
5 October   World Teachers’ Day [UNESCO]
10 October   World Mental Health Day [WHO]
11 October   International Day of the Girl Child , World Sight Day [WHO]
15 October   International Day of Rural Women
16 October   World Food Day [FAO]
12 November   World Pneumonia Day
14 November   World Diabetes Day , Children’s Day Celebration’s-SALAM INDIA (TALENT HUNT SHOW)
15 November   World Philosophy Day
20 November   Universal Children’s Day
25 November   International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
1 December   World AIDS Day
3 December   International Day of Persons with Disabilities
5 December   International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development
10 December   Human Rights Day

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